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View our Chinese Menu

Including selections such as:

Appetizers - Wonton Soup, Egg Rolls, Barbecued Spare Ribs, Scallion Pan-Fried Pizza

Entrees - Veal with Garlic Sauce, Chicken w/ Three Kinds of Mushrooms, Orange Flavored Beef

Cho-Sen Chef's Specialties
Chicken Kew - Cubes of chicken sauteed with a garden-full of Chinese mushrooms, broccoli, and snow peas in a sauce to delight you.
Basket of Fortune and Mazel - Lightly fried boneless chicken, tender sliced veal and marinated beef stir-fried and presented in our chef's "secret" sauce, served in our incredible edible basket.
Cho-Sen Lamb - The tenderest cuts of lamb in a light brown sauce with a rainbow of fresh Chinese vegetables.

View Our Japanese Menu

Including selections such as:

Tuna Tataki - Incredible slices of peppered tuna with a ginger dressing.

Teriyaki Negi (Beef), Teriyaki Yaki (Chicken), Teriyaki Kushi (Veal)
served with julienne vegetables and sauteed onions

A full selection of traditional sushi, sashimi, and maki

Cho-Sen Special Rolls
Macinta Roll - Smoked salmon, scallion, cucumber, spicy mayo, salmon and tuna on top
Yukiwa Maki (Snow-Ring Roll) - Cucumber, oshinko, shitake, ginger, tamago, seaweed outside
Ozumo Roll - Salmon, crab, yellowtail, crunchy seaweed outside

View Our Special Lunch Menu

Including special combination plates available only at lunchtime.

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